ELASTIR’s production system has been certified by TUV-CERT with the new and more exigent demands of ISO 9001:2016 system.

ELASTIR, as a manufacturer, seeks nothing but perfection on every part. However, ensuring the highest quality for every spare part requires constant care. That’s why so we don’t rely only on our long experience.

In order to avoid the unexpected during cotton picking process, our spare parts are exhaustively checked and our production follows very strict protocols so we can follow every detail at any moment.ELASTIR, as pioneer in Europe on these cotton picker spare parts, applies a complete Production Quality Management System that:

– Continuous research for better raw materials.
– Long term relationships with the most reliable European and American providers.
– Diary production machinery and conditions check.
– Precision machinery used for reliability checks.
– Unified tracking system from raw material reception to End User.

Every spare part is designed having in mind every possible outcome during cotton picking process in order to avoid any possible problems or low performance issues.